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Ship Navigation & Voyage Optimization Summit in Athens

On 15-16 November 2022, CMS representatives participated in the Ship Navigation & Voyage Optimization Summit which took place in Athens, Greece. The event, organized by the BS Group, a team of professionals who work together to provide the efficient networking and matchmaking solutions, gathered professionals of marine industry who shared their experience and highlighted the faced challenges. Speakers emphasized the fleet monitoring systems for increasing energy efficiency, performance optimization for vessels, the impact of validated high frequent data on vessels performance, exploration on how to obtain accurate fuel consumption data using cost effective and easy to install onboard wireless connectivity solutions, which would help owners achieve regulatory compliance in 2023 and beyond. The importance of automatization, digitalization and routing optimization once more sounded.

Statistically, every year, more than 5,000 shipping containers are lost overboard, not to mention ships being damaged, crews injured, and lives lost. That makes safe navigation and optimized ship routes essential for ship and crew safety. But efficient ship routes and navigation are not only crucial for safety, it benefits fuel and time which helps owners to meet financial and environmental targets. The mission of the two days of discussions was to identify cost-effective solutions to enhance ship safety and efficiency while protecting the environment.

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