Our Corporate Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (QHSSE) Objectives

  • Compliance with all applicable national and international QHSSE standards and regulations

  • Aspiration to become the safest operator within the region by providing and sustaining injury-free and healthy working environment to our employees and contractors

  • Employment of trained, qualified, competent and committed personnel.

  • Persistent instillation of a corporate safety culture through rigorous implementation of our company policies and procedures, and with this consistent elimination and mitigation of risk

  • Provision of working environment where our employees are free to speak up their safety concerns and stop any unsafe/unhealthy activities

  • Maximization of our efforts in eliminating and/or recycling waste streams generated by the company activities

  • Monitoring our wastes, resources consumption and pollutants emission or discharge, and open reporting on our environmental performance

  • Meeting and consistently exceeding expectations of our clients by providing quality and reliable service

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QHSSE Organization Chart

QHSSE Team Members Role Summary

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QHSSE Officer Ad-Hoc Projects

Responsible for ensuring all employees within their assigned project area and working and behaving in a working and behaving in a safest way possible adherence with rules and regulations

QHSSE & Training Coordinator

Responsible for designing and implementing training strategies directed at developing employees skills and competencies necessary for safe execution of their work

Security Team Lead

Responsible for leading the security team and delivering security services within their remit to ensure safe and secure environment

QHSSE Administrator

Responsible for maintaining administrative control of records related to quality, safety and health programs

QHSSE manager

Responsible for ensuring the Safety, Environment & Quality Management System is established, implemented and maintained within the company.

QHSSE Specialist

Responsible for compliance with local and international safety regulations, laws, company policies and procedures.

QHSSE Consultant

Responsible for providing expert advice and guidance that aims to support health and safety culture in workplace

QHSSE Coordinators

Responsible for enforcing health and safety policies, procedures and applicable standards, laws and regulations in the workplace, acting as focal point for vessel masters and supervisors concerning safety-related matters

QHSSE Lead Coordinator

Responsible implementing, reviewing and reporting on any aspect of Safety, Environment & Quality Management System and its components