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Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit in London attended by CMS reps

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

From 19 to 20 October 2022, Active Communications International, Inc. (ACI), a leader in conference planning and production, with offices in Chicago, London, Poznan and Milwaukee, organized the 28th Maritime HR & Crew Management Summit in London. Crew wellbeing was at the heart of the conference this year – outlining the impacts of recent global events within the industry and how the lives of crew members and their families had been affected. The conference also covered topics surrounding various developments within Maritime HR such as changes in regulations and policies, advancements in technology, and the strategies required for promoting and retaining a multicultural crew. The leading industry experts touched upon the themes revolve around crew wellbeing within the context of recent global crises, policy development, and the future of the industry. The conference participants had a chance to gain further insight into how shipowners and ship managers are rising to meet these challenges. Being one of the dedicated to deliver high-quality, informative and value-added strategic business conference where audience members, speakers and sponsors can transform their business, develop key industry contacts and walk away with new resources, this event usually brings together various key industry stake-holders including but not limited to: ship-owners, ship managers and associated solution providers such as maritime technology providers, consultants and cross-cultural experts.

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