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IMC Exercise at CMS office

On 31 August 2022, CMS's Incident Management Center (IMC) was activated and a large-scale exercise was realized involving one of the fleet vessels. That was a great opportunity to physically assess arrangements and capability of IMC which due to prolonged pandemic restrictions have not been fully utilized within last couple of years. All organizations, regardless of sector, need to be able to respond to workplace emergencies in a competent and time efficient manner. The key objective of the exercise was to test our shared response to the major incident and identify areas requiring improvement opportunities.

A common goal of emergency and crisis drills and exercises is to develop a higher level of preparedness. All received feedbacks and comments will definitely find their track on the improvement road map enabling to strengthen the company emergency response and crisis management philosophy for a sustainable future. QHSSE Department is in an active process of executing gap analysis of emergency response elements. This analysis will aid to include all basic principles of crisis management/emergency response preparedness, including trainings and resource composition.

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