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CMS’s Safety Incentive Program with Digitalized voting process

As a part of CMS incentive program, QHSSE department runs voting system which simplifies and ensures the transparency of the process by involving senior management, department heads, port captains, compliance & QHSSE team.

Implementation of the digital voting program and further awarding ceremony of the best CMS Cards and Good Catch cases is performed on a monthly basis. Short listed observations/Good Catches supported with photos are generated in one unique selection list and distributed for voting. Each voter is able to choose only one observation/ Good Catch by responding sequential number of most valuable report. Observation/Good Catch originator names are hidden from voters’ view enabling focusing only on improvement case.

Based on created “voting results register” all votes are automatically calculated along with indicating percentage for each observation accordingly. Top winners are awarded by the company and results are shared with entire fleet/sites and office staff.

The synergized incentive program motivates other vessels’ crew members and at the same time is beneficial toward improving occupational health & safety standards among entire fleet.


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