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CMS Management visit on PSV Savalan

On 21 September 2022, CMS’s senior management visited the PSV Savalan. The visitors and vessel crew discussed the subjects. The areas of concerns were recorded and agreed to be further followed up. Based on the best practices adopted by oil and gas majors there was decided to prepare a management leadership guide/procedure to establish and improve readiness and execution of leadership visits in a structured way. Both office and vessel crew members agree on the fact that there is no substitute for being present and just listening. The cultural feeling, situational contexts and the climate simply can not be transmitted through email, phone call or any other alternative digital tools. The management delegation and VMT members emphasized that the physical visits allow to a face to face interaction with frontline employees which creates trust, improves two-ways communication by showing the both sides’ commitment that we do care.

Savalan vessel is a modern (2011) Italian built Platform Supply Vessel with DP2 capability and FiFi 1 system. The vessel has cargo deck capacity of 600 m² and a maximum load of 1500 mt. Savalan is able to transport drill water, cement, brine and mud in dedicated tanks. Currently PSV Savalan is involved in important oil & gas projects

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