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CMS joins OSJ Asia conference in Singapore

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

The Offshore Support Journal Asia conference was held Singapore from 19 to 20 October 2022. Being the largest forum for shipowners, shipbuilders, charterers and suppliers within the offshore support vessel (OSV) sector in Asia the conference participants meet to discuss, debate and share experiences in what continues to be a complex industry.

Through eight sessions and many networking opportunities, the guests explored continuing challenges resulting from the pandemic and positives with commercial opportunities to be found in terms of accelerating digital technologies take-up, diversification and achieving zero-emissions aspirations.

The conference focused on the market outlook, key trends and market data concise insights into industry developments over the past 12 months, status of the energy markets and impact on the Asia Pacific OSV sector. A separate session provided a helicopter view of regional oil, gas and renewables activity and implications for the OSV sector. Participants also discussed today's vessels market, financing options and opportunities in the subsea sector. Industry players took a look at the true status of today’s OSV market and consequences for the supply chain, the financial considerations, and commercial opportunities in the subsea construction sector. With a particular interest the conference participants reviewed next-generation vessel designs for future fuels, innovations in CTV design and specific requirements for walk-to-work vessels in the Asia Pacific. Experts driving the decarbonization programme discussed the latest clean power options, green fuels, hybridization technologies enabling emission reduction and fuel efficiencies. Speakers highlighted what is needed to deliver a sustainable industry, consider the ongoing operational challenges, and review requirements for future mariners as well as take an in depth look at the latest innovations and development in the world of digitalization, communications and technology modernization.

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