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Anticipating opportunities in a growing market

CMS reps participated at the Offshore Support Journal Conference taking place on 28-29 November 2021 in Dubai, UAE, which brought together regional and international players in the offshore support vessel (OSV) sector, providing a unique platform to identify new opportunities, tackle challenges and knowledge share to ensure your company is positioned for growth. According to market analysts, despite plenty of challenges, the Middle East remains a ‘warm bed’ of OSV activity for ongoing projects, with investment from national oil companies providing new opportunities for the offshore support vessel sector.

The Conference agenda focused on the key opportunities in the Middle East and Africa regions for future vessel utilization. Industry experts shared their views and experiences on market consolidation, financing requirements, technology innovations driving vessel optimization, green fuels for decarbonization and what the near and short term holds for vessel owners and operators.

Addressed key topics and themes included:

OSV market outlook in the region

Market consolidation


Impact of recent global events on the sector

Changing business practices and approaches

Identifying commercial opportunities

Crew welfare and management

Conversions and newbuilds

Digitalization, communications and connectivity

Propulsion systems

Battery power and hybridization

Green fuels including hydrogen and fuel cells

Innovative technologies.

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