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Expansion of CMS fleet

CMS will import two platform supply vessels (PSVs) this year. The PSVs, previously named as E.R. Aalesund and E.R. Stavanger, were the first two offshore new builds operated by E.R. Offshore, a German ship management company specializing in offshore vessels. The company was founded in 2006 as a part of E.R. Schiffahrt Group.

Both PSVs are of UT 755 LN design built in Aker Yards shipyard, Norway, in 2008. Aalesund and Stavanger have length of 73.6 meters and breadth of 16.0 meters. The PSVs are DP2 classified with a deadweight of 3,240 tonnes and can move at a maximum speed of 15.0 knots.

The vessels are currently in the idle state, however CMS is currently developing plan on number of operations, including the delivery of vessels to the Caspian Sea and some modification works that should be implemented prior to the transit. Additionally, work on disassembling of bridge and masts, as well as preservation of electric, communication and other lines will be done during the forthcoming modification works in order to ensure unimpeded delivery of vessels to the Caspian Sea through Volga-Don Canal.

The vessels are expected to be kept in Turkey within the next 4 months given the fact that the Canal freezes in winter.

The company currently considers few options of future utilization of the vessels including possible operations both within/outside of territorial waters of Azerbaijan in the Caspian, as well as potential charters outside the Caspian Sea.

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