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Day of Seafarer - 25 June

The 25th June marks the International Day of the Seafarer. On this day we would like to say “thank you” to all our seafaring personnel for their contribution to the successful operation of Caspian Marine Services Limited.

The marine industry supports more than 90% of the World’s trade in a reliable and safe manner. The industry supports the livelihood of so many people and communities around the world, but sometimes it is easy to forget that at the core of all this is the seafarer, and it is important that we take the time to remember them and their contributions. The IMO theme for this year’s (2017) International Day of the Seafarer is ‘Seafarers Matter’, follow the link to see the message from the Secretary-General of the IMO for this year’s International Day of the Seafarer, and to get an understanding of what we mean by ‘Seafarers Matter’.

Here at Caspian Marine Services we do believe that seafarers matter, and we do all we can to support our seafarers both at sea and when they are on leave. 

Here in Azerbaijan there is a long maritime history with trade across the Caspian Sea, the development of the modern marine shipping industry in Azerbaijan is closely linked to emergence and enhancement of the oil & gas industry. The rapid growth of oil & gas production in Baku in the nineteenth century gave a big boost to the development of the shipping industry in the Azerbaijan.  In the 20th century Azerbaijani vessels started sailing to international waters via the Volga-Don river channels to the Baltic Sea and Black Sea. Thanks to the President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, starting from year 2014, when respective decree of President was issued, Azerbaijani seafarers celebrate their professional day together with all seafarers around the world on 25th of June. 

Azerbaijani seafarers are being trained to world class standards, and are working in the marine industry worldwide far away from home. Here in the Caspian Sea our seafarers are involved in the transportation of goods and passengers across the Caspian and with offshore support services for oil and gas operations in the region.

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