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CMS’s Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

CMS’s Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System (SEQMS) has gone through the major upgrade since beginning of 2014. Purpose of the upgrade was to further optimize the structure of the management system, simplify its procedural requirements and introduce a better user-friendly interface so that compliance is achieved and sustained. Upgrade was recently completed, and series of workshops were arranged by the CMS Leadership Team where QHSE, Operations, Technical & Engineering, HR and Procurement procedures were discussed in-depth with all vessel crews. Workshops were kicked off by Brian Garrad, CMS Chief Operating Officer, who welcomed the attendees and reinforced a critical importance for procedural compliance and requirement for the organization to maintain its high standards across the fleet. Initiative was fully supported by the vessel crews as a great learning as well as networking opportunity, and it was agreed that such workshops will be held in CMS on a regular basis.

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