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CMS participates in NEVA2017 exhibition

CMS representatives participate at the 14th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia, which takes place in St Petersburg, from 19 to 22 September. 

Since 1991, the NEVA Programmes have continuously supported the accelerating expansion of Russia’s commercial maritime industries, promoting their development opportunities, products, services, and their cooperation with world-wide shipping and trade. NEVA 2017 takes place once again at Expoforum’s premier Exhibition and Conference Complex, providing the perfect platform for International participants to benefit from massive opportunities within the rapidly developing Russian market. 

NEVA 2017 celebrates it’s 27th anniversary while expecting more than 15000 qualified professionals and visitors. As the global maritime community turns its attention to take advantage of the vast opportunities found within the massive redevelopments programmes of the Russian maritime market, the NEVA 2017 exhibition is on schedule to be the most well-attended in its 27 year history. The 2017 conference programme features a broad spectrum of topics including Shipbuilding, Arctic Ecology, Inland Waterways & Transport Development, Port Subsidiary Fleet New Builds & Modernization, Fishery & Research Fleet Redevelopment, Welding Technologies in Shipbuilding & On-shore Civil Engineering & Port Technology investment, as well as individual B2B seminars organized by regional global leaders in maritime technology. 

Being part of 15000+ professionals and visitors who are expected to attend the Exhibition and Conference Programme to join over 600 participating organizations, CMS is hosting the exhibition visitors and guests in its stand, and enjoys a direct networking connection to Russian maritime industry buyers who are actively seeking best-of-breed internationally-sourced products and services to fulfil their live build projects and active redevelopment requirements.

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