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On 27 September 2022, CMS held an emergency drill on DSV Tofig Ismayilov, jointly with the Baku Shipyard, to test readiness of all parties’ emergency response. The objective of the drill is giving the emergency response team an opportunity to practice emergency procedures in a simulated but safe environment where the aim of the drill was to rescue personnel from confined space in a safe, fast & efficient manner.

Confined space activities are one of the major hazards faced in offshore and marine industry. It is important that proper communication, co-ordination, and sound understanding between both parties is to be established, especially in situation when the ship is undergoing repairs in a shipyard, and emergency plans put in place for all individuals of all levels to follow in the event of emergency. Regular rescue exercises should be carried out to equip the workforce as well as the ship crew the required knowledge and skills to handle the emergency situations. With that in mind, a combined rescue exercise was aimed to equip all personnel from the shipyard and the client with essential knowledge and skills in the event of an emergency.

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